Video Reviews

Video Reviews

CSR discuss how Toptal freelancers were instrumental in the delivery of their digital transformation program.

Bridgestone—the world’s largest tire manufacturer—worked with Toptal to develop a digital solution called BASys.

Dale from Create-a-Pro-Website paid $100 and $30 for two custom websites on Fiverr.

Darrel Wilson investigates what a $100 Website gets you from Fiverr.

Murray Frost shares 3 logo animations that he commissioned on Fiverr. Costs ranged from $60-120

Morningfame checks out what $180 gets you from a Logo designer on Fiverr.

Wengie commissions cheap vs expensive Fiverr artists to draw her caricature from a photo and finds out whether it was worth it or not!

Daniel Schiffer hits up 8 video editors and 2 voiceover artists on Fiverr to edit his video footage.

Peter Chan explains how you can outsource your enter Shopify eCommerce business using either Fiverr or Upwork.

Matt Hollie shares his experience of hiring Virtual Assistants from the Philippines for his eCommerce business. Go to