Recommended Reference Reading

Hiring in the New Economy and competing for the best talent has become more competitive. These titles are available on Amazon and will help you in the recruitment battle for the top freelance talent.
Hiring for the Innovation Economy
Hiring for the Innovation Econ $10.19
Reimagining Work
Reimagining Work $9.56
Hiring 3.0 New Rules for the New Economy
Hiring 3.0 $16.95
Virtual Teams for Dummies
Virtual Teams for Dummies $14.39
Gig Economy Book
The Gig Economy $15.49
Gigged $11.53
Thriving in the Gig Economy
Thriving in the Gig Economy $25.08
Gigged. The End of the Job and the Future of Work
Gigged $14.69
Kim - Gigsourcer editorial support
Will the Gig Economy Prevail? $38.76
The Sharing Economy
The Sharing Economy $25.75
Plunketts Sharing Gig Economy
Plunkett's Sharing & Gig Economy $314.19
Company of One
Company of One $18.21
Free Agent Nation
Free Agent Nation $16.53
Adapt - Disruption is Coming to Coming to Commercial Real Estate
Adapt $24.95
The Freelancer Manifesto
The Freelancer Manifesto $19.95