How to Commission your Own Caricature Drawing


Learn How to Get your Own Caricature Drawing

There is no question about it, a Caricature drawing draws a lot of attention. Often you will find a caricature artist working from a booth at a trade show or at a major event. And for sure, there is always a large crowd around them expressing approval and queuing up for ‘their turn’.

Caricature of the Rock

The question that we need to ask is why a distort view of an individual creates such interest? The other question is why do we all recognise a well-drawn caricature when the image is clearly not accurate? In short, it is all about visual perception, where the brain approximates a likeness, not about the sensory information that we receive. This is the direct visual information that we receive from our eyes before it is interpreted by our brain.


Our visual perception is used to make a mental impression of what our eyes interpret and then make it meaningful. The visual clues we see are matched in our memory against what is stored as distinguishing features. These are often hundreds of tiny artefacts that collectively help us identify a person or thing.

What a caricature artist does is to exaggerate some of the key features to create a complementary or insulting image. This is the entertainment value of a caricature that can sometimes be highly flattering or seriously cruel.

Why are Caricature Drawings Growing in Popularity?

In two words: privacy and entertainment. A lot of people are looking for an alternative to the spread of their avatar across the Internet. And what better than to add a spice of entertainment to their picture.

Corporate Caricature

There is also a corporate perspective. What better than to immortalise the team to celebrate an important milestone event.

Corporate Caricature Cartoon Guru

Getting your own Caricature Drawing

If you are lucky, you may be able to score a Caricature drawing at a Trade Show or in the Mall. Typically, these are a quick sketch that is penned in a few minutes. If you are serious about obtaining a quality caricature, then you will need to pay a Caricature Artist to draw your masterpiece.


Our recommended go-to spot for this service is the Caricature artist offerings on Fiverr. Currently, there are 3119 offers, with many of the offers starting at $5. Art is obviously a very personable subject, so we would recommend that you study the portfolios of a number of artists, check out their social scores and select a style that best matches your taste.

Caricatures on Fiverr Caricatures on Fiverr

As you are working remotely, you need to send several photos taken at different angles and lighting conditions so that the artist can achieve a good likeness. And don’t forget, what you are wearing is just as important as is the background you ask the artist to create. 

Transposing a beach or a mountain scene is obviously a lot easy than trying to recreate the inside of your living room.

If you can’t decide between several artists, I would seriously suggest that you commission multiple artists. Even at the Premium level, the price of Fiverr favours using multiple artists for a performance shootout. And because variety always leads to a surprise, consider giving different photos and a different brief to each artist.

This approach was used by YouTuber Wengie. She chose to commission 10 different artists with pricing between $25 and $240. The results she achieved were remarkable, especially as cost is not always a measure of quality.


Clearly, there are some very talented caricature/portrait artists offering their work online. What is extraordinary is that is possible to get excellent results from Fiverr with very little investment.

If you are looking to hang the final print on the wall, then be sure to request the final art in either PSD, TIFF or .AI format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi so that you can have a printer produce a Giclee print on quality art paper for framing.