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Why Hire an Engineer?

We spoke with Structural Engineer, Arthur Moeller about when it was advisable to secure engineering advice and expertise.

He suggested that the answer was not as simple as it seems, as there were a great many variables to be considered. More often, the decision was mandated by regulatory or insurance oversight.

Too often, the decision not to use engineering expertise is made with the idea of saving cost. At question is whether omitting engineering discipline saves anything. Costs for guesstimate/trial and error work always lead to inefficiencies and rework due to project failures. Beyond money, the costs of the engineering omission can be time. Failure to achieve compliance can result in project delays and facilities being withheld from either public or corporate use.

Rather than dwell on negatives, Arthur suggested that there were 10 key reasons why an engineer should be an integral part of any construction project:

  1. Most jurisdictions require a Professional Engineer’s review and/or stamp prior to approving the building permit.
  2. An engineer will design a solution that is in compliance with the governing building and safety codes.
  3. The lending institutions and insurance companies may require an “engineer’s review and report” prior to loan approval and insurance coverage respectively.
  4. An engineer will analyze your problem and design a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution. Spending more on needless contracting and materials is not a saving.
  5. To determine if your structure is safe, an engineer will analyze the structural components of your building, evaluating the condition, deflections, geometry and forces acting on each member, to draw a conclusion regarding the integrity of the building system. Remember any change to a structure affects all aspects of the structure.
  6. An engineer will design the structural and mechanical aspects of your project and communicate those aspects to the contractor through the use of drawings and specifications. These drawings are a permanent record that will be required when and if further changes are contemplated.
  7. Through an understanding of the characteristics of different building materials, a structural engineer can clearly explain why certain structural elements need repair and make recommendations on how to fix them or make modifications to the structure in the most cost-effective way while remaining code compliant.
  8. For life safety reasons-“there are always people involved with the constructing or use of a structure, whether it is a grain bin, an equipment support tower, parking garage or a street light.”
  9. Qualified engineering capabilities are broad and include areas of expertise in problem-solving, engineering foresight, project management, cost estimating and analysis, creativity, and document preparation.
  10. Engineers apply mathematics and scientific principles. Engineers do not guess!

Arthur D. Moeller, PE

Engineer Services discussion regarding construction plans