Avoid a Hiring Disaster – Spot these 4 Red Flags

Avoid a Hiring Disaster – Spot these 4 Red Flags

I’ve learned that there is a path to follow if you wish to avoid a hiring disaster. Here are 4 red flags to look out for when hiring Filipino freelance workers.

1. Does their work reflect the claims in their resumes?

When you’re communicating with your candidates, pay close attention to the skills they claim to have vs. their performance. Test them. Ask them for samples of their work. If they can’t provide samples or you can tell their work isn’t five-star, investigate. Don’t be afraid to call them out on things that don’t make sense. Ask questions. Expect some exaggeration (most people think they’re better at things than they really are), but if their claims and their work totally miss the mark, find another worker.

2. Do they claim they have way too many skills?

This goes hand-in-hand with the red flag above. If they’ve rated themselves on online and given themselves five-star-ratings in 90% of the categories, they’re either arrogant-beyond-belief and you don’t want to work with them anyway, or they’re not being truthful. Find another worker.

3. Have they neglected to upload identification on their profile?

With so many sites offering candidates online, it is very easy to overlook the basics. Verifying the identity of a candidate is crucial if you are hiring remotely. One of our recommended sites, OnlineJobs gives job seekers the opportunity to upload pictures, government IDs, diplomas, their Facebook account etc. If they haven’t taken the time to upload any of those things, they’re either lazy or they have other reasons. Either way, you probably want to find another worker. (But don’t expect everyone to have every form of ID).

4. If it doesn’t feel right and things just don’t seem to add up, it probably isn’t good.

Find another worker. We are gifted with intuition for a reason, and it usually won’t lead you astray. Use common sense and keep your eyes open.

And don’t forget about the huge majority of Filipino online workers who really are worth their weight in gold. Find them here and affordably grow your business now.