8 Search Tips to Discover Skilled Freelancers


8 Search Tips to Discover Skilled Freelancers

Using Gigsourcer Search to discover skilled freelancers can at times be overwhelming. Sometimes there is just too much choice.

What our team suggests is that you use these 8 search tips to discover skilled freelancers. Who knows, this may just find you the perfect candidate!

Tip 1: Use Multiple Keywords

Keywords are what makes search engines tick. The more keywords you use the better the chance to score a match on a web page that matches the search engine index.


The most common mistake is to use too few keywords. A good search argument needs to include an array of keywords that describe what you are searching for.

You’ll get better, more targeted results by using multiple keywords. Take the example of trying to find a logo designer for your next project.

While the keywords LOGO DESIGNER will get you a lot of results, the inclusion of the location, type of logo and style may get you a search result that is closer to what you require.

Using Gigsourcer Search and the term LOGO DESIGNER we obtained 3,970,000 results (0.82 seconds). Using LOGO DESIGNER LOS ANGELES CORPORATE CASUAL we obtained 6,540 results (0.31 seconds).

Tip 2: Include Stop Words

When you use multiple keywords as part of your search for skilled freelancers, it needs to be remembered that this doesn’t include small common words, such as “and,” “the,” “where,” “how,” “what,” and “or” (in all lowercase). These are called STOP words, and Gigsourcer Search automatically ignores them when you include them in a query.

These words are removed as they slow down the search retrieval engine. However, there may be occasions when for context and precision you wish to include a STOP word.

You do this by including a + (plus) operator before a STOP word.

This ensures that all the keywords are found on the web page. This type of search string would look like:


Using Gigsourcer Search we obtained 1 results (0.66 seconds). Removing the + (plus) sign returned 649,000 results (0.80 seconds).

Tip 3: Exclude Irrelevant Words

Just as you sometimes want to search for pages that include a STOP word that is normally ignored, you may also want to refine your results by excluding all pages that include a specific word. This lets you skip those pages that include a misleading or irrelevant word that might otherwise be common to your search.

This is important when we encounter homonyms—words with multiple meanings. Words like PLAIN/PLANE, BALL/BORE, LOAN/LONE, MAIL/MALE

This type of search string might look like:


ARCHITECT -3D obtained 256,000 results (0.69 seconds) while ARCHITECT 3D obtained 343,000 results (0.30 seconds).

Tip 4: Search for Similar Words

Often when you searching for a skilled freelancer, there will be times when you are uncertain of the correct keyword to use. For example, words like PROGRAMMER, CODER, DEVELOPER all carry similar meanings.

This is when it is useful to use a ~ (Tilde) before your nominated keyword.

This really expands your search results, giving you a lot more options to choose from.

Tip 5: Search for Similar Pages

Along the same lines, sometimes you find a web page that includes some of the information you’re looking for but not all of it. The best way to proceed in this instance is to look for other web pages similar to this one, which you can do with Gigsourcers RELATED: operator.

The RELATED: operator displays web pages that are in some way similar to the specified page. For example, if you’ve found good information about car-wash services on Fiverr, you can find similar sites by entering: RELATED: HTTPS://WWW.FIVERR.COM/GIGS/CAR-WASH

Tip 6: Find Comparisons

Sometimes it is useful to generate comparisons to better understand features and functions. Gigsourcer Search includes the operator VS to assist with this task.

Let’s say we are trying to understand programming frameworks. A search argument along these lines might look like ANGULAR VS REACT.

Tip 7: Exclude Keywords with the Minus Sign

Use the – (minus) sign to eliminate results containing certain keywords. This is useful if you are generating results that are not of interest.

An example of this can be seen with the use of the word FRAMEWORK in a search string.

JAVASCRIPT  -FRAMEWORK gets 1,380,000 results (0.30 seconds)
JAVASCRIPT FRAMEWORK gets 657,000 results (0.70 seconds).

Tip 8: Search for an Exact Phrase

Sometimes, the item that you are searching for is not defined by a list of keywords; instead, it’s an exact phrase. Entering the exact phrase will return results that include the phrase, but it will also return results that include all those words.

Using Gigsourcer Search to find an exact phrase, it is best to enclose the phrase in quotation marks (” “). This tells the search engine to find the precise keywords in the
prescribed order.

For example: “3D ARCHITECTURE” gets 9,930 results (0.30 seconds) and 3D ARCHITECTURE gets 2,850,000 results (0.29 seconds).